Aerol Galvasil Spray (300 gms)

Aerol Galvasil Spray (300 gms)

Product Code: FM 3060
Availability: 2-3 Days

Aerol Galvasil Spray is designed for touch-up and repair of zinc galvanised surface damaged by welding, cutting, machining etc.

The siliconed metal-rich coating has many outstanding features:

  • Excellent resistance to outdoor weather conditions
  • High temperature resistance up to 450 degrees celsius.
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance.
How to use?

  • Shake the can before use, till you hear the ball moving freely.
  • For best results, apply on freshly cleaned surface after removal of oil, grease, dirt, rust etc.
  • Spray from a suitable distance and move can side to side in overlapping strokes to form an even coating
  • Allow wet coating to air dry for one hour, prior to handling. 
  • Additional curing for twenty-four hours will make the coating strong and durable. 
  • After use invert the can and spray a few short bursts in air to clear the dip tube and nozzle.

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