Aerol Dry Film PTFE Spray (300 gms)

Aerol Dry Film PTFE Spray (300 gms)

Product Code: FM 7701
Availability: 2-3 Days

Aerol Dry Film PTFE Spray is a high performance Lithium complex grease fortified with micro PTFE with excellent boundary lubrication properties.

It contains extreme pressure, anti-oxidant and anti rust additives and is designed for all speeds, light and medium duty industrial and general applications. Its key benefits are as follows:

  • Long life lubricant. Out performs most petroleum greases.
  • Suitable for high speed, load and temperature and extreme pressure conditions.

  • Excellent water-wash out, environment resistance and boundary lubrication properties.

  • Serviceable from -30 to 200°C. Does not run off ho t surfaces.

  • Extremely low coefficient of friction. Reduces energy cost, friction and wear.

  • Forms a protective and lubricating film that provides long term lubrication. 

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