Aromatree Pet Cleaning Kit

Aromatree Pet Cleaning Kit

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Product Code: Pet Combo
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Aromatree understands the importance of Dog in the lives of Dog owner and for this reason have a special combo pack which help your Dog to look its best all the time. If you love your dog, you will love this combo pack.

  • This Dog Cleaning Kit contains 1 Dry Bath Cleanser, 1 Coat Conditioner Spray & 1 - 2 In 1 Deodorant Spray. 

  • Dry Dog Bath Cleanser: A wonderful alcoholic, soap free cleanser with a enticing fragrance for your dog. It reduces the need to frequently bathe and shampoo you doggy. Just spray all over and wipe with a towel. It also keeps away flies, fleas and other pests.

  • Dog Coat Conditioner Spray: This light conditioner spray untangles dog's hair, provides a smooth shiny, well groomed appearance and repairs damaged hair. It provides non substantive conditioning and is free from harsh chemicals. It reduces the need for frequent shampoo and visit to a professional groomer. 

  • 2 In 1 Dog Deodorant Spray: Keeps your dog clean, fresh, fragrant, healthy and happy. The key ingredients are based on natural plant extracts and does not affect the pets olfactory senses and is non-toxic and enriched with anti-bacterial properties.

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