Aerol Adhesive Grease Spray (250 gms)

Brand: Aerol
Product Code: FM 7000
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  • Aerol Adhesive Grease Spray is a useful and handy service aid, which contains a modified, high performance grease and PTFE in a spray can.
  • This unique Grease Formulation sprays out like an oil but sticks to the substrate like a grease without flowing off. 
  • This product is very useful for lubricating inaccessible components and mechanisms without the need of dismantling. 
  • This grease is resistant to high temperature, outdoor weather condition and water washout.
  • Net contents - 250 gms.

How to use?

  • Shake well before use. For better results, apply on clean, degreased parts and components.
  • Allow to set off for a few minutes and reapply if necessary. 

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